I got Joost and I’m still waiting for the revolution on my screen.


Joost picked me to be an beta tester. I’m ready for the revolution… let’s get it started.

After installing the beast, I have a nice gui to select tv stations. There is a racing channel, a football channel, several music channels and a lot more. Oh… I forgot, there is this “show-I-have-ever-waited-for”-Channel WEDDING CHANNEL. Yes, a wedding channel. What the f***.
After selecting a channel, you can select a show you would like to see. I didn’t find anything that is kind of actual. The music channels show only old stuff half-a-year and older, the football channel only show south-american games and the wedding channel… NO COMMENT.

Okay here is the summary, I got a big software package, a tool that let me watch tv shows that not interest me and I’m still waiting for a revolution that where promised to me.

A lot of hype about something that isn’t something new.

First I thought, cool thing, now I’m waiting for the promised revolution.

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