Why you want to support IPv6 now!

I recently change ISP and surprise I now have a native IPv6 network ending up at my router instead of an IPv4 internet address.

My new ISP uses something called DualStack Lite, which means I can still reach IPv4 (old internet), but I get routed (nat) thru one of their IPs. In fact I am sharing an IPv4 with hundreds of other customers. In the usual case this is not an issue as people do not need fixed IPv4 addresses at their home network.

I switched from 50Mbit/s to 100Mbit/s. The second I reach a website that supports IPv6 I see the content extremely fast, connections are brilliant and everything. The second I access IPv4, I get a feeling that everything feels more slowly.
This is happening because of the DualStack-Lite, as lots and lots of other users have to be re-routed thru my ISPs system.

Beside the fact that there are just no IPv4 addresses left, the user experience using IPv6 is way better now.

If you are in the internet industry, get your stuff finally ready for IPv6. It is shocking how many companies are still only supporting IPv4 out of laziness.

In case you are not sure if your website/service support IPv6 yet, check it at IPv6 Test

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