Anyone any experience with ez Components?

I am playing with ezComponents (future zetaComponents) currently.
I have done a couple of projects with ez Publish in the past and I really like the structure.

I am testing the ImageConversion component, but I just can’t get the quality of the outcoming image under control.
$converter->createTransformation( 'thumbnail', $filters, array( 'image/jpeg', 'image/png' ) );

new ezcImageSaveOptions(array('quality' => 70));

catch ( ezcImageTransformationException $e)
die( "Error transforming the image: <{$e->getMessage()}>" );

If I remove the line new ezcImageSaveOptions(array('quality' => 70)); I get a “fuzzy” jpeg.

If I have it in the code, I get a 100 % quality image.
Anyone, any idea?

Btw. I really think this is a great library. I don’t call it a framework, as I think it has not everything you need for a framework.

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