Just found a bug in OS X Lion and there is nearly no way to tell Apple!

What an interesting experience!
I found a bug in OS X Lion related to Finder and connecting to SMB / windows shared drives. Basically whenever I try to access a company wide shared drive on a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64bit via SMB thru the Finder, I get a message saying like “You don’t have permission to access this object”. Interesting thing, trying to mount the drive via Terminal on the Unix Shell and accessing the drive, opening files, saving files etc. work just fine. So it is related to the Finder.

I wanted to submit my bug to Apple, but didn’t find anything on the webpage. So I called the hotline.
The guy in the first level support told me that words like “Terminal”, “mount” and “smb” don’t mean anything to him, but I could not compare mounting a drive on a unix shell with the Finder. He said this is something completely else and I have to talk to my local windows administrator. THIS GUY HAD NO IDEA! He first refused to forward me to someone from second level support first and tried to solve it by himself. Good idea, but he absolutely had no idea about OS X and shell commands.

After a while I got forwarded to the second level support. I am waiting for feedback now, but it looks like Apple is only opening bugs thru the hotline.

For everyone who has the same issue, you could open a Terminal and access your drive by going to /Volumes/NAMEOFSHARED .

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  1. Ian says:

    There are multiple places to submit this to apple over their website in the Support area. However, as someone in the paid developer program, I can tell you this has been noted in the developer forums, however, it it unclear what’s being done to remedy it at this time.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ian, good to hear I am not the only one. Interesting thing, normally Apple calls you after a couple of days to let you know what is the status of your request. Unfortunately this time no call so far.
    Lets hope they find the problem and fix it asap. I am sick of copying files from the network to my harddisk to get them work with e.g. Word.

  3. Glen says:

    Hi All, i am just testing osx LION client on one of our MACs and I found out that searching for files on a SMB share does not work. The windows just sits there with the message “Searching “share folder name””. If I do a search on “This MAC” then it is really fast. I am not sure what the problem is but it works on our Snow Leopard clients. I have not bound the lion yet to any OD or AD because i only have Xserve, i tried though and it works – until you restart the server, then you will get a message saying “Some network users are available”. I am waiting to get the LION server so i can test better. But for the SMB searching issue, does any one have a solution?


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  5. Alex says:

    Apple is the new Microsoft…

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