SSH and other protocols via Tor on Mac OS X

I travel a lot and sometimes I end up in hotels that claim to have internet, but after a couple of minutes I realize they mean HTTP and HTTPS, maybe Skype.

I am not sure why some hotels are super paranoid about outgoing protocols, but the second you want to upload something (e.g. GIT over SSH) or administrate your server you need a lot more ports than a usual user.

My way of “tricking” the hotel firewall is using Tor for such things.

Step 1 – Install Tor on the Mac
I am using the Command Line tools for Tor and load them using MacPorts (you will need to download and install MacPorts).

Step 2 – Install the tor components
$ sudo port install tor torsocks

Step 3 – Run tor (could take a couple of seconds)
$ tor &

Step 4 – Connect using torify
$ torify ssh

This will not anonymize your traffic, this is just a way around firewalls etc..

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