How to redirect all traffic thru Tor by default on Mac OS X

As in my previous post, sometimes it is necessary to have “full” internet access instead of limited access. Even that Tor is initially done to anonymize you, it also does a great job in such occasions.

To redirect all traffic on Mac OS X thru Tor, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Choose “System Preferences” from the Apple  menu.
Step 2 – Choose “Network” from the menu.
Step 3 – Choose “Edit Locations” from the Location menu.
Step 4 – Click the “+” icon to add an additional location.
Step 5 – Type in a new name for your location (I used Tor), then click “Done”.
Step 6 – Select “Airport” from the list on the left side.
Step 7 – Click “Advanced”
Step 8 – Click on “Proxies” in the list.
Step 9 – Activate “SOCKS Proxy” by ticking the checkbox
Step 10 – In the SOCKS Proxy Server box, type localhost and 9050.
Step 11 – Click “OK” and then click “Apply”.

Now you can easily switch the environments in the upper center menu of the system preferences.

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