What is user-generated content worth?

Right now, the whole it business is talking about user-generated content, but what is user generated content worth?
If i look in the web and see websites like youtube, myspace or facebook, I see a lot of videos and profiles. Fact is that these company where sold in the last months for billions of Dollars. Fact is, that these communities have millions of users. My question is, how can you make money out of that!? Direct marketing would be one idea. Murdoch paid 580 Million Dollar for MySpace. MySpace has approx. 180 million users. That means, every user has to bring 3$ revenue! That does not mean buying stuff for 3 $, that means every user has to bring a win of 3$. Sounds little, but in fact, how many users are really active on myspace?
Another way to earn money is banner advertising, but how many users are really clicking on banners. Did you click?

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