Best provider in the world = Dreamhost

I say Dreamhost is the best ISP in the world.
You ask why?

  • Cause there you get 140 GB Space and 1.4 TB Traffic.
  • Because there you can host unlimited domains, also when you register them not at Dreamhost.
  • You have access with ftp/sftp and ssh.
  • Provides Ruby on Rails by default
  • There you can install a wordpress, wikimedia, phpBB and stuff like that with ONE click. Yes ONE!
  • You have thousands of email accounts.
  • SVN for free! Public an private.
  • Quicktime-Streaming included.
  • Your own youtube thing.
  • 24h support, that answers within minutes

Now you ask, what will that cost? I tell you! It’s not expensiv…, it starts from 7,95 $ a month.

Guess what!?

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