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Frustration with Apple Mail in macOS Ventura

Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 | Permalink

I am highly frustrated with Apple Mail these days.
All the desperately waited features in Apple Mail are somehow broken.

I was desperately waiting for this, but it is so broken.

Emails that are scheduled for later can’t be changed! You see them, you can re-schedule them, but you can’t edit them.

Emails that are sent on a schedule are not ending up in SENT ITEMS.

Still only available with a 3rd party app.

Still broken sometimes. Self-send emails are not being verified and it shows a broken S/MIME certificate.

4. Link Preview
Breaks other email clients and chops off part of the message. Literally everything below the link. Thanks…

How to get your logo beside an email

Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 | Permalink

The technology behind this is called BIMI or Brand Indicators for Message Identification.

Simplified it is an SVG, a TXT record in your DNS server and a certificate.

The certificate unfortunately currently costs around USD1000 per year. 🙁

There is a lot of resources available at Bimi Group including a generator for all entries.