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i got some errors on my ruby on rails project, when i tried to get strings from two different hashes.

it catched all the data, but it added always !map:HashWithIndifferentAccess in front of my data.

i solved that by doing a little trick.

comment.title = params[:title]

and changed it so use only the data from the hash i want to use

comment.title = params[:title][:thefieldiwanttouse].to_s

simscan with clamd & spamassassin

April 22nd, 2007 by admin | Permalink

i use simscan to scan every mail on one of my mailservers.
i don’t often restart my servers, so sometime i get the following error in my smtp log file.

2007-04-20 12:11:13.004232500 connect(): No such file or directory

most of the time this happens when clamd or spamassassin is not started. normally this should happen on the restart.

in my case
clamd &
solved the issue.

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