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How to fix “transfer aborted. disk quota exceeded” –

Friday, January 11th, 2008 | Permalink

If you try to upload something you get “transfer aborted. disk quota exceeded”.

If you bought a webhosting package somewhere, the answer is simple: “You don’t have anymore space left”.
If this happens before the quota is exceeded and you have a root access to that machine, simple use this:

quotacheck -v -c -F vfsold -m /

and restart the quota daemon

/etc/init.d/quota restart

Howto install djbdns with autoaxfr

Saturday, January 5th, 2008 | Permalink

If you like to setup autoaxfr with djbdns, maybe this howto will help you.

First of all, I assume that you have already installed ucspi-tcp and daemontools. If not, look at D.J. Bernsteins Webseite and install it.

After that, you will have to download autoaxfr and the djbdns Package.
What I’m doing is a basic installation. If you need IPv6 support, watch out, there will be a patch somewhere for djbdns.

Now, add the necessary users:

groupadd dns
useradd -g dns -s /bin/false dnscache
useradd -g dns -s /bin/false tinydns
useradd -g dns -s /bin/false dnslog
useradd -g dns -s /bin/false axfrdns
useradd -g dns -s /bin/false autoaxfr


First of all, we install dnscache to

dnscache-conf dnscache dnslog /etc/dnscache
If you like to distribute dns service to other machines in your network, add a real ip address.
WARNING: You can only use dnscache or tinydns on ONE ip address.

If you need dnscache to resolv domain names for other machines in your network, add the network or every machine by doing this.
touch /etc/dnscache/root/ip/192.168.0

Now it’s time to activate your dnscache.
ln -s /etc/dnscache /service


You will need tinydns if you like to play dns server for domains.
First of all, configure it:
tinydns-conf tinydns dnslog /etc/tinydns
Use the external ip address, the server should be reachable at.

Now it’s time to setup autoaxfr.
autoaxfr-conf autoaxfr dnslog /etc/autoaxfr

You will now have to edit the file /etc/tinydns/root/Makefile
Replace everything with this:
data.cdb: data

data: mydata axfrdata
cat $^ > $@

axfrdata: /service/autoaxfr/root/zones/*
sort -u $^ > $@

Don’t forget to add the file mydata & axfrdata:

touch /etc/tinydns/root/axfrdata
touch /etc/tinydns/root/mydata

After every change of data, a secondary dns or whatever, you’ll have to type make in /etc/tinydns/root/
Just automate this with a cronjob.

*/10 * * * * cd /etc/tinydns/root && make > /dev/null 2>&1

Let’s start tinydns and autoaxfr.

ln -s /etc/tinydns /service
ln -s /etc/autoaxfr /service

Goto /etc/autoaxfr/root/slaves.
Add every domain you would like to distribute as secondary dns by adding the domain name as filename and the ip address of the primary dns controller as content in the file.


DONE! That’s the basic.

If you like to play primary dns server you’ll have to install axfrdns.
axfrdns-conf axfrdns dnslog /etc/axfrdns /etc/tinydns
Use the same ip address as for tinydns.

Set the servers that are allowed to be secondary dns servers.
cd /etc/axfrdns
vi /etc/axfrdns/tcp

insert to following.

You can restrict that to networks, domains and so on. For that, see the axfrdns manuel from djb.

After you have changed the file, type make.

Start axfrdns.

ln -s /etc/axfrdns /service

Comments, questions, whatever are welcome.

Dreamhost 10th Birthday

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 | Permalink

Dreamhost has it’s 10th birthday this week and for that reason, they dropped the prices for a limited time.
Instead of 7.95 $ a month, they dropped the prices to 5.95$.

Best provider in the world = Dreamhost

Friday, September 21st, 2007 | Permalink

I say Dreamhost is the best ISP in the world.
You ask why?

  • Cause there you get 140 GB Space and 1.4 TB Traffic.
  • Because there you can host unlimited domains, also when you register them not at Dreamhost.
  • You have access with ftp/sftp and ssh.
  • Provides Ruby on Rails by default
  • There you can install a wordpress, wikimedia, phpBB and stuff like that with ONE click. Yes ONE!
  • You have thousands of email accounts.
  • SVN for free! Public an private.
  • Quicktime-Streaming included.
  • Your own youtube thing.
  • 24h support, that answers within minutes

Now you ask, what will that cost? I tell you! It’s not expensiv…, it starts from 7,95 $ a month.

Guess what!?

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