Update on: Just found a bug in OS X Lion and there is nearly no way to tell Apple!

November 25th, 2011 by admin | Permalink

I described a problem related to Samba shared drives on Windows and connecting them with Mac OS X Lion here.

After three months and two more versions of Lion there is still no solution. The guy from Apple never called back and never replied to my email.

I see this problem on all Macs running Lion in my company. So this is not my machine.

Apple support was one of the best in the industry for many years. Today it is just like the rest of the support hotlines. It takes hours to explain and it gets never solved.

Thanks! I liked Snow Leopard better because it actually worked!
Do I have to move back to a PC? After all these years?

Happy birthday Linux

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Today, exactly 20 years ago, Linus Torvald released the first version of his kernel which is today known as Linux.

You can read his initial message to a minix newsgroup by following the link.

His release not for 0.2 can he found here.

Thank you Linus for starting with Linux and thank you to everyone who participated in creating a free and super stable operating system within the last 20 years. Awesome job and keep doing what you are doing!

Happy birthday Linux!

New design on spamcollect.com

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I just updated the design of spamcollect.com. I hope you like the new colors. I am playing around with Google Adsense, so please don’t be angry, this is just a test.

RTB finally gets an open standard called Open RTB

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If you are working in the online advertising industry, you might already have heard the letter RTB. It is like a buzzword floating around in all agencies currently. Most people don’t know what it is.

It is basically buying display inventory based on algorithms and target user thru that. All is happening in real time and every agency has to send a bid.

There is now an open standard for this called Open RTB.

Create PowerPoint like presentations with HTML5 and JS – deck.js helps

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Just found deck.js a JavaScript framework that lets you create Power Point like presentations within the browser using new web technologies like Ajax, HTML5 and CSS3.

Just found a bug in OS X Lion and there is nearly no way to tell Apple!

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What an interesting experience!
I found a bug in OS X Lion related to Finder and connecting to SMB / windows shared drives. Basically whenever I try to access a company wide shared drive on a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64bit via SMB thru the Finder, I get a message saying like “You don’t have permission to access this object”. Interesting thing, trying to mount the drive via Terminal on the Unix Shell and accessing the drive, opening files, saving files etc. work just fine. So it is related to the Finder.

I wanted to submit my bug to Apple, but didn’t find anything on the webpage. So I called the hotline.
The guy in the first level support told me that words like “Terminal”, “mount” and “smb” don’t mean anything to him, but I could not compare mounting a drive on a unix shell with the Finder. He said this is something completely else and I have to talk to my local windows administrator. THIS GUY HAD NO IDEA! He first refused to forward me to someone from second level support first and tried to solve it by himself. Good idea, but he absolutely had no idea about OS X and shell commands.

After a while I got forwarded to the second level support. I am waiting for feedback now, but it looks like Apple is only opening bugs thru the hotline.

For everyone who has the same issue, you could open a Terminal and access your drive by going to /Volumes/NAMEOFSHARED .

Solved! Delivery engine next run with Newsletter Plugin for wordpress

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After moving a website of a friend from one server to another, his newsletter plugin didn’t work anymore. It sent out the test mails, but it was refusing to send out the mails to the subscribers.
He is using a quite good free (if you don’t need the PRO functionality) newsletter plugin for wordpress.
After a little bit of searching we found out that on the email section within the plugin there is a message saying: “Delivery engine next run” and a negative count.

This is due to wp-cron.php and just deactivating and activating the plugin solves the issue. After that Deliver engine next run had a positive value.

Adobe launches Adobe Edge a HTML5 CSS3 Animation tool

August 1st, 2011 by admin | Permalink

Adobe Labs just launched Adobe Edge, a tool that lets you create animations in a UI and export them as HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. Basically it reminds me to the last version of the flash creation tools I saw.

Currently Adobe Edge is free as it is still in the Labs. You can download it from the product page.

Phonegap 1.0 released

July 30th, 2011 by admin | Permalink

Nitobi just released version 1.0 of the mobile app framework Phonegap.
Phonegap enables you to write HTML5 and javascript pages and compile them into a mobile phone application (app). Phonegap currently supports iOS, Android, Blackberry, webOS, Bada and Symbian.

Phonegap also gives you some java script functionality that lets you use the GPS or accelerator in the phones.

Some big companies are taking part in the development like Adobe, IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Logitech or Time Warner.

Hetzner EQ4 Xen Server Routing Problem with own subnet

July 28th, 2011 by admin | Permalink

I ran into the problem that I couldn’t get my DomU’s on a Hetzner EQ4 to connect to the internet.

Unfortunately this is because of the strange network settings Hetzner is using. There is a German manual how to set up a XEN server in their environment, but it is missing one really important part. Hetzner limits the access on their network equipment to the MAC address of your server. Hetzner is not giving you the possibility to set / create new MAC addresses for subnets.

Assuming you are using Debian Squeeze and your server is already set up, you will have to set a point to point connection in the Dom0 and each DomU.

DomO has the regular ip 178.x.x.x and one from the subnet 88.x.x.x – gateway is 178.x.x.1.
Edit the /etc/network/interfaces and add pointtopoint 178.x.x.1 after gateway. This should be the same ip address as your gateway.

For the routing you need one ip address of your subnet on the Dom0 installed. This will also be your default gateway for all DomU’s.

Add the default gateway as a pointopoint connection on every DomU and it should work.

Don’t forget to restart network or reboot the machine and instances.

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