Shred – How to format a disk save on a rented machine

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There is lots and lots of hosting companies that ask you for a couple of dollars and give you your own machine for that.
This is normally the cheapest way to have your “own” server in the internet.

After a couple of years, you realize that there is a better deal including better hardware at some other hoster or even the same.
So you decide to move your stuff over.

Now you want to cancel the current contract, but what is happening to the data that is on that server. Simply deleting is not really a solution. There are plenty of reports of harddisks turning up on ebay and the new owner has no problem restoring your data.

There is a solution to that called shred. It is a basic tool that is available with all popular linux distributions.

The easiest way is to use the following command. shred /dev/sda -f -v -z

This will overwrite your harddisk 25 times with garbage and it is really, really hard to get your data back.

Here is the shred man page.

5 years spamcollect – Happy Birthday

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Actually I was quite surprised when I realized that I am maintaining this blog now since 5 years.

Initial idea was just to store things I had trouble with and found a solution. So I don’t have to use Google or any other search engine.

I have to say I am also quite surprised that the PHPList Hack is since years the most popular one I have wrote. Seems like the system is used widely but not as open as expected.

Also one of my favorite posts is the one about SLES 10 sucks. Especially the comments section is fun.

Lets see what the next years will bring.

Fixed! – SugarCRM – Module Loader blank page after installing module

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This took me a while till I found a solution. The module builder in SugarCRM seems to have a bug. Whenever you install something using the module loader, the system seems to kind of crash. The module loader page is not showing anything any more except the saying “Module Loader”. This seems to be a bug in all 6.2.x versions.

I found a solution here.

Goto the file ModuleInstall/PackageManager/PackageManager.php and edit line 668.


$target_manifest = remove_file_extension( $upgrade_content ) . '-manifest.php';


$target_manifest = UploadFile::realpath(remove_file_extension( $upgrade_content ) . '-manifest.php');

How to copy all files including hidden ones on linux

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I tried to copy all files using the cp under linux. Unfortunately in the usual case this is only copying the normal files. Things like .htaccess or .ssh directories are not being copied.

There is a simple solution for that. Just add the following line to the bash / shell you want to do the copy from.

shopt -s dotglob

This sets kind of a “global / all files”.

Ever asked yourself how long it takes till Apple approves your App?

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There is no general answer to this, but from my experience it takes around one week usually.

I have submitted four apps within the last three months and in general there was a waiting time of one week.
Honestly this is a hard time for a developer. In some cases (2 out of 4) Apple decided not to approve the app and rejected it.

I wonder how long this takes for the Google Android market.

Update on: Just found a bug in OS X Lion and there is nearly no way to tell Apple!

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I described a problem related to Samba shared drives on Windows and connecting them with Mac OS X Lion here.

After three months and two more versions of Lion there is still no solution. The guy from Apple never called back and never replied to my email.

I see this problem on all Macs running Lion in my company. So this is not my machine.

Apple support was one of the best in the industry for many years. Today it is just like the rest of the support hotlines. It takes hours to explain and it gets never solved.

Thanks! I liked Snow Leopard better because it actually worked!
Do I have to move back to a PC? After all these years?

Happy birthday Linux

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Today, exactly 20 years ago, Linus Torvald released the first version of his kernel which is today known as Linux.

You can read his initial message to a minix newsgroup by following the link.

His release not for 0.2 can he found here.

Thank you Linus for starting with Linux and thank you to everyone who participated in creating a free and super stable operating system within the last 20 years. Awesome job and keep doing what you are doing!

Happy birthday Linux!

New design on

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I just updated the design of I hope you like the new colors. I am playing around with Google Adsense, so please don’t be angry, this is just a test.

RTB finally gets an open standard called Open RTB

August 28th, 2011 by admin | Permalink

If you are working in the online advertising industry, you might already have heard the letter RTB. It is like a buzzword floating around in all agencies currently. Most people don’t know what it is.

It is basically buying display inventory based on algorithms and target user thru that. All is happening in real time and every agency has to send a bid.

There is now an open standard for this called Open RTB.

Create PowerPoint like presentations with HTML5 and JS – deck.js helps

August 24th, 2011 by admin | Permalink

Just found deck.js a JavaScript framework that lets you create Power Point like presentations within the browser using new web technologies like Ajax, HTML5 and CSS3.

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